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Get exclusive access to the introductory chapter of my book RELAUNCH TO WIN to embark on your life transformation journey by aligning yourself to the new normal!

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Hi, I’m Stephen Fernandes.

As a young child I wondered why some children fared better in their academics than others.

When I entered the corporate world nearly three decades ago, I observed some executives fared better than the rest. As I began interacting and engaging with clients, partners, industry peers and competitors, the trend continued.

By engaging with various professionals across the world, I gained deeper insights into their thought processes. I learned and observed that some people are more successful than others and they all have a secret pattern to their success.

I wondered if a person is successful, then how do they stay successful and achieve more? If a person has failed, then how do they shift from failure to success?

Being an engineering graduate and a postgraduate in management, I decided to blend the two different disciplines, to understand this trend from a different perspective. To start with I applied the learnings to my professional (corporate and entrepreneurial) and personal life and was delighted with the results I achieved!

I was fortunate to have led teams early on in my career and applied these learnings with my team members by coaching and mentoring them. I took this one step further and shared the learnings with people I actively engaged with in my professional career. They got the results they desired!

In 2015, I found my calling and embarked on a journey to transform my learnings into a five-phase framework, called RelaunchX, which today culminated into my book “Relaunch To Win”.  The Co-active coaching program I attended in 2016 reinforced my belief that people are truly resourceful, they only need to find it in themselves, to succeed.

I am on a personal mission to share this framework with people out there, to help them find their own success and be winners in life.

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